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  Soft Express, Inc. offers the most innovative IT solutions to the international market, according to the specific context of each business and in its same language.
We are specialists in products, solutions and development for the corporate market. Among our solutions we have the products and services that allow our clients to reduce their costs while enhancing efficiency and their final customers’ satisfaction.
We have special personalized solutions for the telecommunications market.
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Integral Products
As IT products provider, our mission is to deliver totally personalized tools and solutions to our clients and to continue delivering benefits after the licensing process through our customization, support and maintenance programs, focusing on resources optimization and costs minimization with the consequent increment in their final users’ satisfaction.
Personalized Services
As IT services provider, our goal is to offer solutions and services according to our client’s particular needs, business situation and geographical context. Our Services department provides support, new products and technologies training, customized developments and specific solutions, in their same language.
Total Support
We have support plans according to your needs and an efficient, highly-qualified work team.
In the event of needing support we will not leave you alone!
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Headquarters: 8549 NW 68th St, 33166 Miami, Florida
Phone: 1 (305) 675 2171, Fax: 1 (305) 418 4248
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